Travel Insurance Coverage 
with Travel Insured International
The coverage plan we recommend is Worldwide Trip Protector with Travel Insured International, which includes trip cancellation and interruption, baggage, and other coverage's.

Suggested Coverage Amount:  We recommend coverage for each non-refundable airline ticket you purchase plus your total hotel deposit (typically 2 nights). 

Example: Your cost for 2 air tickets is $1600 ($800 each) and hotel deposit is $600 ($300 per night). You wish to insure a total cost of $2400, divided by 2 persons = $1200 per person. We suggest you list this as your trip cost and this will be your covered amount. 

Note Regarding Pre-Existing Conditions:   We recommend purchasing your policy within 21 days of your initial deposit and airline ticket purchase to be eligible for trip cancellation/interruption due to the recurrence of a pre-existing medical condition affecting you, your traveling companion (insured or uninsured), or either of your family members (spouse, parent, child, domestic partner, or other family relation, insured or uninsured).

For a quotation or to purchase insurance, please click on the Travel Insured link below. Please carefully read all policy terms. You may also wish to examine other coverage options at or call them at 800-243-3174.  Remember to use our agency code 39881.
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